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MaggieSpending my most formative adolescent years in Omaha, Nebraska, there were not many opportunities in the field of holistic health, so I decided to move to Colorado in 2015 to pursue a career in something that resonated with me.  I had discovered complimentary healing in my last year of high school when a good friend had introduced me to the healing modality of crystals.  I became filled with child-like wonder, and I wanted to know more about how I could heal myself without pharmaceuticals and mainstream information.  In that same year, I dove deep into the realm of meditation, yoga, and nutrition.  After taking a year off of school to work, I decided to enroll in the holistic health program at Red Rocks Community College in Denver. There, I received my certifications as both a Holistic Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach. Through this program, I discovered my passion for whole-food, plant-based nutrition, as we truly are what we eat, and practicing the yogic principles of non-harm and compassion are essential in choosing what we put into our bodies.  Because of these newfound discoveries, I decided to start my own whole-food, plant-based, and nutrient-dense dessert company, Vibrant Soul Sweets.  Following my graduation, I decided to dive even deeper into yoga in hopes that I could ease my chronic back pain.  After practicing consistently at a studio for a couple months, my chronic back pain had completely disappeared.  I had never experienced such ease and comfort when rolling out of bed in the morning, not to mention the emotional and spiritual ease that I had felt as well.  This discovery inspired me to complete the 200-hour YTT program and begin the 300-hour YTT program at Yoga Studio Satya to learn how to best share this knowledge and experience with everyone.  I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to support others on their path to growth and healing through coaching.

Description of services:  Are you passionate about your health?  Have you reached a point of stagnation and don’t know what your next step is?  Are you looking for holistic alternatives to work through an already diagnosed condition?  No matter the reason, Maggie Lutton, certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Coach, and 200-hour RYT, is ready to be your health cheerleader and give you fresh ideas, knowledge, and support along your journey to optimal wellbeing.  She specializes in holistic nutrition, gut microbiome health, meal preparation and planning, transitioning to a whole-food plant-based diet, holistic healing modalities (aromatherapy, herbs, crystals, grounding, etc.), non-traditional relationships and communication, and yoga.

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