Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch


Director:  Kim M. Green

Phone:  719-231-5715


"It's been wonderful learning at ATIT.  The school keeps up to date on research and cutting edge therapies that you cannot learn anywhere else. The knowledge, genuine caring and intuitive compassion in this school is beyond words." E.P.

Come learn how Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch can help you start a new career that is rewarding and powerful or add to your existing skillset! Join Kim for a one hour open house at Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch. Learn about her school, classes available, certifications available, and our new nonprofit, Foundation For Growth.  We've been helping victims of crime, human trafficking, veterans, TBI, disease, debilitating pain, injury rehabilitation and those who suffer from PTSD & addiction for years with the bodywork & wellness practices we teach.

Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch has one of the most comprehensive programs in the United States where you can learn to be an Advanced Somatic Practitioner, Reflexologist, Integrative Meridian Bodywork Practitioner, and Massage Therapist in the budding field of Complementary Health Care. Begin your career today by attending ATIT which has one of the most cutting edge curriculums of study and acquire knowledge from instructors with 25+ years of experience practicing and teaching.

When you come to our tour you can sign up for a free student session and you'll receive an open invitation to enjoy two free classes of  Somatic Progressive Movement!

Sessions available on sliding pay scale.  Maybe one of these healing modalities is right for you!  Contact Kim today.


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