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It's natural to feel intimidated the first time you enter a Colorado Springs yoga studio, even at Yoga Studio Satya. Remember everyone in the studio also had a “first class," including your instructor! One way to gain confidence is to practice at home and slowly incorporate yoga into your lifestyle. During class, one of our helpful instructors will provide adjustments or assists, upon request or if permission is granted to help you better align your body, prevent injury, and better position your body in a specific posture. Consider positioning your mat near the middle of the room so you can see what the rest of the class is doing in addition to the instructor.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is a mind-body exercise that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. While there are many styles of yoga, in general, every style includes postures (asanas), meditation, and breathing techniques (pranayama). With regular practice, yoga builds physical strength and flexibility while reducing stress and improving the mind-body connection.

Yoga health benefits include reduced blood pressure, increased focus, a deeper spiritual mind/body connection, more energy, and better sleep at night. Many elements of yogic philosophy, such as loving kindness, compassion and non-judgment, may also influence an individual lifestyle as they adopt healthier habits and make more positive, life-affirming choices.

Finding the Right Yoga for You

If you are new to yoga, you may be wondering what class to take.  If you have never practiced yoga before, there are several yoga classes that could be a good place to start, such as Beginner yoga, restorative, yin, adaptive, somatic or even the Yoga Wall.

Restorative yoga is a gentle style with introductory poses that are accessible to individuals with all body types and athletic abilities.

At Yoga Studio Satya, we are happy to work with all new students to find just the right beginner yoga class for you. We will never push you to enter a class that makes you uncomfortable or won't help you meet your goals.

Finding the right instructor is another important part of beginning yoga. Our Colorado Springs teachers registered with Yoga Alliance have completed either 200 or 500 hours of training at an approved studio. You can practice with confidence knowing that our teachers are specifically trained to not only help you progress in your practice, but also to help prevent your body from being injured. While some instructors may lead classes in a brief chant, share Hindu or Buddhist philosophy, or display a deity in class, don't let these experiences scare you. Bring increased focus by linking your breath with your movement. The spiritual part of Yoga is entirely up to you!

With a variety of classes at our Colorado Springs studio, you are sure to find a class and instructor at Yoga Studio Satya that can help you grow in your yoga mastery.

Yoga Wall

The Yoga Wall is an incredible tool that cultivates a deeper awareness and understanding of alignment. Discover the principles of this prop based, therapeutic yoga practice by taking a Yoga Wall class at Yoga Studio Satya. Read more about the Yoga Wall here.

For more info on the Iyengar Yoga Wall Foundations, click here.

Yoga Studio Satya Wall Class

Yoga Studio Satya Yoga Wall


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