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Patience Paisley

Kelly Obeginski

Yoga Studio Satya is a haven and sanctuary. Amanda's energy combined with her intuition equals healing and safety. The primary focus on 'alignment first' makes perfect sense. This combined with the yoga wall classes has helped me regain flexibility at a faster rate than I thought possible. Yoga Studio Satya is worth every minute and penny!!

Lauren Vanessa

Beautiful, welcoming yoga studio! The yoga wall, and the awesome instructors, definitely set Satya apart. This place is a yoga sanctuary... I love it!

Jeremy JJ

Amanda is a amazing instructor and has has a very attractive personality. She makes you feel super comfortable where you are at in your physical ability. The studio is clean and has a nice atmosphere. Her hot class is the best!!

Bill Morse

Excellent spirited place!! 

Kasey Opdycke

I took Mat Pilates for the first time on Wednesday January 14, 2014. I have never taken a Pilates class before, I am HOOKED! Amanda kept the energy light while we were working our core, the hour just flew by. I now take Wednesdays off so I can take this class. It was that good. FEEL THE BURN.

Jerry Dawley

Amanda is Great!!!! Very personal. Great little studio tucked away. THE YOGA WALL IS FANTASTIC!

Lauren S. 

How much do u love this yoga studio? Let me tell you... It has an iyengar-style class with a yoga wall!! It is an amazing hip/heart opener that allows you to work on balance and alignment since you are in the pose for a long period of time. Amanda was so sweet and did an excellent job of showing how your body should be positioned within the pose. Luckily the class was small so everyone had a chance to be on the wall the whole time. I will be returning when I come visit again! First time is free. :)

Jill Corely 

I love going to Restorative Yoga with Amanda. I always leave feeling calm, relaxed and ready for the week. My muscles get very tight from the other workouts I do (running, lifting weights) and the gentle stretching helps restore balance. Amanda's style of teaching is uplifting and she gives excellent instruction. As a personal trainer, I highly recommend Yoga Studio Satya for any and all levels of experience. 

Karen Warren

My journey began around 6-8 months ago.  I knew I wanted to be healthier and feel better about myself physically and mentally, as I was at a low spot in my life journey.

Yoga Satya opened up right in my neighborhood and I would drive by wanting to stop in and engage in something that I thought would help in all the areas that I needed help with.

I have always like the idea of yoga  but I felt intimidated not by the studio but what people would think of me and possibly think that this really isn’t for someone like me with my body shape, (I am definitely not the person you would think of when you think yoga).  I felt uncoordinated and apprehensive but I finally was able to walk in and it really has changed my life.

The first time I met Amanda and Colten I felt totally at ease and comfortable.  The studio has such a warm feeling and there was no judgment or competition there. I knew that this is where I wanted to be.

Since my journey began I have learned things about myself mentally, physically and spiritually and how they are all connected.  I have a more positive attitude in dealing with whatever life deals me.   I am so thankful that I have found Yoga Satya and all the instructors and people that I have met.  My journey is definitely just getting started but with every yoga practice I get stronger and more flexible.

So with that being said, I strongly recommend coming in and experience a life changing healthier you. Everything is provided to you and it will be the best thing you can do for yourself!


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