Benefits of Yoga

Yoga LoveYoga Improves Your Body and Calms Your Mind

If you have just enrolled in a local yoga class at Yoga Studio Satya, you have taken a positive step towards improving your health and well being! There are hundreds of different yoga styles and disciplines. Some are considered classic yoga (Hatha) while there are many other styles being adapted today for therapeutic reasons like overcoming back pain, or challenging your perspective to gravity by playing on the Yoga Wall.  Nevertheless, there is a style for every yoga student in Colorado Springs, and each type brings its wide range of health benefits. Whether you have chosen a more meditative and relaxing form, or a challenging practice that's more fast pace and strength building, a regular practice can be effective for healing, lead to increased focus, stress relief, flexibility and more!

What are some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice?

*Improve Flexibility, Increase Muscle Strength, Improve Spine/Posture, Strengthen Bones, Increase Circulation, Boost Immune System, Improved Hearth Health, Lower Blood Pressure, Regulates Adrenal Glands, Helps Mood: Mental Health and Happiness, Increase Focus, Refine Balance, Enhance Relaxation and Sleep, Establish Resiliency and Soothe Nervous System, Assists Proper Digestive Function, Increase Self-Esteem, Ease Pain, Create a Foundation for Inner Strength, Develop a Steady Mind, Experience Inner Peace, Build Better Relationships and SO MUCH MORE!

9 Benefits of Yoga - Johns Hopkins Medicine

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