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If you have just enrolled in a local yoga class at Yoga Studio Satya, you have taken a positive step towards improving your health and well being! There are hundreds of different yoga styles and disciplines. Some are considered classic yoga (Hatha) while there are many other styles being adapted today for therapeutic reasons like overcoming back pain, or challenging your perspective to gravity by playing on the Yoga Wall.  Nevertheless, there is a style for every yoga student in Colorado Springs, and each type brings its wide range of health benefits. Whether you have chosen a more meditative and relaxing form, or a challenging practice that's more fast pace and strength building, a regular practice can be effective for healing, lead to increased focus, stress relief, flexibility and more!  Yoga develops inner awareness. It focuses your attention on your body's abilities in the present moment, without judgement (ahimsa). It helps develop breath and strength of mind and body. It's not about physical appearance, rather what you're experiencing in the many aspects of YOU.  Though there are many health benefits, YOGA has a way of helping us learn about our relationship with self/Self.  Svadhyaya, the fourth Niyama of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and has the potential to deepen our yoga practice way beyond the mat.  It’s probably fair to say that the more we realize what we are not, the closer we come to realizing who or what we truly are (Satya). By studying ‘the self’ and recognizing our habits and thought processes, we cultivate awareness for how much of what we do and think is far from who we really are.  Yoga is teaching us to be witness to our relationships, interactions, patterns...and decide if they bring benefit or harm, teaching us we have choice and responsibility with knowledge.  Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2.44 : “Study thy self, discover the divine” 

What are some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice?

*Improve Flexibility, Increase Muscle Strength, Improve Spine/Posture, Strengthen Bones, Increase Circulation, Boost Immune System, Improved Hearth Health, Lower Blood Pressure, Regulates Adrenal Glands, Helps Mood: Mental Health and Happiness, Increase Focus, Refine Balance, Enhance Relaxation and Sleep, Establish Resiliency and Soothe Nervous System, Assists Proper Digestive Function, Increase Self-Esteem, Ease Pain, Create a Foundation for Inner Strength, Develop a Steady Mind, Experience Inner Peace, Build Better Relationships and SO MUCH MORE!

The real benefits of the practice are revealed when we dedicate ourselves to the practice long-term.  Yoga Sutra 1.14 : "Perfection in practice comes when one continues to practice with sincerity and respect for a long period of time without any interruption.  Practice that is done for a long time, without break and with sincere devotion becomes a firmly rooted, stable, and solid foundation. This is an important aspect of yoga practice—discipline (tapas).  Are you ready to commit so you can unearth the most incredible version of YOU!?  Reveal the depth and true power of YOU in wholeness.  The world needs people with the confidence to shine from genuine & authentic TRUTH, this is the true magic of BEing.  Yoga Sutra 1.12 : "Through practice (abhyasa) and non-attachment (vairagya), we will be able to stop identifying with our thoughts and be able to see the true reality of who we are. At that point, we have reached enlightenment –the realization of the oneness of being, eternal bliss."

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