Sound Sessions

Experience a deep state of relaxation through frequency and vibration.   Through sound waves, our soma is brought back to harmony; allowing for the mind to slow down, settling into your own natural rhythm.  Sound Therapy is a full sensory experience, and one may feel a shift in any one (or more) of the koshas (layers of being: body, energy, mind, knowing, bliss).  "Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies" - Gayatri Bhaumik

Benefits of Sound Therapy:

* Reducing stress and anxiety

* Improving mood

* Balance sleep patterns

* Focused & energized

* Lower blood pressure

* Decreased pain

Sound Therapy Q&A : * How often should I have a sound bath?  1-2 sessions/mo is recommended.   If you're experiencing challenges, perhaps weekly sessions can bring you benefit.  * What do you wear? Comfortable clothing, preferably no buttons, zippers, graphics - smooth surface is best.  Recommended to not wear jewelry on hands and wrists. * What happens during a sound bath? Depending on client, we may address an ailment or injury, or an emotional/mental health challenge.  The individual might request a chakra clearing or card reading.  Each experience is unique and can be tailored to your needs.  We then place instruments around the body as well as on top of the body.  We may keep bowls steady or move them around the limbs and torso.  The vibrations are creating a container for healing to occur.  

Instruments used for Sound Therapy:

* Gongs

* Tibetan Bowls

* Crystal Bowls

* Chimes

* Handpan

* Native drum and flutes

* Kalimba

* Didgeridoo 

* Tuning forks

* Music of the Plants

* Voice

* and more!

YS Satya TBowls

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