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"I would recommend the Pandora Star to anyone who wants to have a unique experience. I believe that the various programs help to stimulate one’s pineal gland.  The images and movements were fluid and beautiful. It was an amazing experience. It was my first time seeing something so clear and vibrant with my eyes closed.  The images were sharp, bright, colorful and complex with symmetry like a kaleidoscope. They danced and morphed into new designs rapidly."  PandoraStar is an advanced light machine that uses flickering light to induce altered states of consciousness and promote relaxation and wellbeing. The therapy works by stimulating the brain with specific patterns of light, which can help to shift the brain into a relaxed and meditative state.

PandoraStar Sessions - Light Therapy

"PandoraStar light machine is an innovative kinetic device which invoke a unique visual experience in the viewer’s mind.  The experience is controlled by the light flicker rate and brightness to stimulate temporary brainwave states and produce an optical experience. While resting comfortably with the light positioned in front of the face, the user closes their eyes and the viewers’ mind automatically creates a series of dynamically changing images and colors, taking them on their own personal journey while at the same time stimulating and changing brainwave states to desired frequencies which can be used for a range of beneficial states of brainwave activity, which can then be used for the purpose of healing your body, balancing your emotions, training your brain, expanding your mind and inducing dream world brainwaves."

What Can PandoraStar be used for? PandoraStar is ideal for facilitating fast reliable brainwave entrainment for a wide range of applications, including: •Lucid Dreaming •Deep meditation •Energy work •Relaxation •Wellbeing •Stress management •Anxiety reduction •Depression management •Sleep improvement •Cognitive enhancement •And much more

* WARNING * It contains a stroboscopic stimulus that should only ever be observed through closed eyelids. Epileptic seizures can be triggered with photosensitive persons.  

It is strongly advised that you consult with a medical professional (such as a doctor) before using the device if you are in any doubt, or in the case you:

•Have ever had any kind of seizure or epilepsy. •Have ever had severe head injury or concussion. •Are taking any medication. •Suffer from heart or other health troubles which require medical treatment. •Are pregnant. *Do not use the device if you have a cardiac pacemaker*

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