Yoga Etiquette

Studio Etiquette

Yoga Studio Satya in Colorado Springs is a very unique studio, and so is our community.  The most important thing you need to know about a yoga class at Yoga Studio Satya is that YOU ARE WELCOME JUST AS YOU ARE. As a rule, yoga is a practice that is both inclusive and inviting, and this is certainly the case at your Colorado Springs studio. As you enter your first class, expect classmates to say hello and your yoga guide to welcome you and give you a tour of our space.

This positive attitude can help relieve some of the anxiety you may have around attending your first class.  As you settle in with our amazing Yoga Studio Satya community, there are a few things YOU can do to return the courtesy and help to encourage the same positive and inclusive atmosphere for all:

  • Register for class ahead of time using our app or website.  Be sure to choose the correct application in options - 'In Person or Zoom'.  Check-In upon arrival.
  • Arrive 10 min. early to get yourself settled.  We understand traffic and other challenges may occur, however we start on time and lock our doors while class is in session.  
  • Help preserve our shared space by keeping it tidy.  Place shoes and belongings in cubbies (in studio).  Please do not wear shoes into studio space.  You are welcome to leave items in the lobby (doors will be locked) though we are not responsible for lost items.  When you're finished with class, if you've borrowed the studios props, please be sure to spray/wipe them down and put back in an organized way.  
  • Leave your cell phone off or on silent (including notifications/alarms). Leave the outside world as you enter your inner sanctuary. Give others in your Yoga Studio Satya class the chance at relaxation and meditation they are seeking.
  • Wear something comfortable that you can move in freely without much distraction.  Perhaps bring socks, hoodie or blanket to cover up with during savasana (integrative rest)
  • Please be mindful and avoid perfumes and strong scents as some people have allergies or may find the scent distracting and uncomfortable.  
  • Yoga Studio Satya is an inclusive space for YOU to BE YOU.  This is a place where we ask for consent and offer respect.  We welcome and support EVERYONE (LGBTQ+, BIPOC, persons with disabilities)

We have all the props you need, free to use! (including a yoga mat).  We just ask that you care for our items so that we can continue to provide them for practice.  Let your Yoga Studio Satya guide know that this is your first class so we can show you the ropes (literally if you're attending a Yoga Wall class). 

If at any point you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to yourself and enter a simple pose, like child's pose (photo below). This will give you a chance to relax your muscles and reset your mind so you can start again and enjoy the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice.  

Childs Pose

I AM READY - Let's Do This!

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Yoga Studio Satya Hours

We respect your time. All classes start on time and doors are locked when class is in session.

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